Wrongful Convictions

Why Should You Care?

Wrongful Convinctions, otherwise known as exonerations, are a legal tragedy that occurs in great numbers in the United States. In the U.S. alone, we have 2.5 million prisoners. If the judge and jury got it wrong only 1% of the time, well below most margins of error, that would mean there were 25,000 innocent people imprisoned for crimes they didn’t commit.

Crimes & Consequences Season Two: True Crime Justice

Crimes & Consequences next season will have more of your favorite true crime stories; however, intend on focusing on the true crime stories that include wrongful convictions. By listening to these tales, you can learn how the judicial system failed not only those wrongfully convicted, but the victims and their families.

Why Do Wrongful Convictions Happen?

False confessions, prosecutorial misconduct, faulty eyewitness identification, racial prejudices, and junk science are the main reasons why innocent people are found guilty in our justice system.  

Educate Yourself on Exonerations

Learn what you can do to help support legal services for those wrongful accused and wrongfully convicted by clicking these links below.



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