wesley millerSexual Predator Wesley Miller

In 1981, 17-year-old Susan Brown was a cheerleader at the Castleberry High School in Lake Worth, Texas. On January 23, 1981, at 6:50 pm she received a call while alone at her home. The caller asked if Ed was there. Ed was the name of Susan Brown’s father. Back in 1981, when people had actual phone books, you could find someone’s name, address, and phone number in the phone book. Susan told the caller her dad wasn’t there and he hung up. Later, while Susan was on the phone with her sister, she heard the front door open and then shut. She walked towards the door to see what was going on. There she saw a man standing there with no shirt, no shoes and ripped faded jeans. A nylon stocking covered his face.

The Attack on Susan Brown

Terrified Susan let out a blood-curdling scream. The guy ran towards and hit her so hard in the face that she fell to the ground. Next, he started ripping her cheerleader outfit off her. Susan managed to escape and ran through her kitchen into the dining room. Before she made it to the dining room, he cut her off and knocked her down again. Then he dragged her into the living room and behind the couch. There, he pulled her underwear down, exposing the maxi pad she was wearing as a result of her being on her period. At this point, Susan, being a girl of faith, began praying out loud. She prayed “please God protect me, please God don’t let him make me pregnant, please bring an angel and protect me.” She repeated this while he tried to rape her. However, the man couldn’t get an erection. As a result, he began rubbing her all over. Susan could tell this guy’s penis was extremely small. Eventually, after repeated rubbing, he climaxed on top of her. Afterward, he told her to turn over and keep still as he walked out the door.

After the man left, Susan ran and locked the door. She peaked out the front window and saw that the guy parked his car in front of a vacant lot down the street. She called the police. When the police arrived, she described her assailant’s car as a dark Buick Regal. In addition, she told the police the man had a small penis and musky body odor. Susan described him as being Caucasian, 5’ 8” to 5’ 10” and weighing 140 to 150 lbs. The police had no suspects and no leads in the case. Then he struck again 10 months later.

Wesley Miller Attacks Lynn Vosberg

The morning of November 11, 1981, was a typical morning for the Vosberg family in Saginaw, Texas. 19-year-old Lynn Vosberg’s parents left for work and her siblings left for school before 8:15 am. Lynn stayed home in bed. Around 8:20 am, Lynn’s phone in her bedroom rang. She had her own separate line and phone number than the rest of her family. When she answered the phone a man asked her if a random name lived at her house. She told him that no such person lived at that address and hung up the phone. About two minutes later the family telephone rang. It was the same guy asking if a different person lived at the house. Once again Lynn told him no one lived there by that name. Eventually, Lynn fell back asleep.

She was awakened a few minutes later to find a man in a white athletic shirt kneeling by her bed. He was wearing a nylon over his head to mask his facial features. He had her phone cord in his hand and was yanking it from the wall. Lynn yelled out “what are you doing?” He replied, “I’m fixing to fuck you.” Then he pushed her. He warned her if she didn’t shut her mouth and start taking off her clothes, he was going to hurt her. Lynn begged him to reconsider. Then he started ripping her clothes off and throwing them on the end of the bed. He made vulgar comments to her, telling her she had “ a nice pussy.” He lifted the bottom of his mask up partly and started sucking very hard on her breasts. Next, the assailant forced her to perform oral sex on him. Lynn noted that his penis was very small. Next, he tried to kiss Lynn. She refused so spit in her face. Oddly, he complimented her on her diamond earrings but didn’t try to steal them.


The perpetrator held Lynn’s arms down on the bed and forced her legs apart with his knees. The attacker told her he had been stalking her for quite a while. Furthermore, he asked Lynn if she was a virgin, and if she had “ever been cummed on.” When the rapist was finished, he made Lynn roll over onto her stomach and told her not to move. As he was leaving, he warned her not to tell anyone about the assault or he would come back to finish her off. Finally, he slipped out the sliding patio door and left. Lynn immediately ran into her parent’s room and locked the door. She called the police and reported the assault but the police were unable to find the perpetrator.

Wesley Miller Strikes Again

wesley wayne miller

Less than a month later, on December 7, at 11:15 am, in River Oaks Texas, 18-year-old Lisa Tichnor, decided to sleep in. She worked late the night before and didn’t feel like getting up early that day. Lisa lived with her mother who had a degenerative disease, hindering her mobility. It also caused her to have spells of confusion and disorientation. That morning, her mother was sitting in her den, as she normally does. The two women had a housekeeper who helped care for Lisa’s mother, but she was gone running an errand. While Lisa was asleep, someone entered the house through the carport wearing a red mask with a nylon over it. Lisa awoke to see the man running and then jumping onto her bed. At first, she thought it was a sick prank of one of her friends. But then the man started strangling her.

He pinned her down and opened her bathrobe, exposing her breasts and underwear. The assailant started taking off her underwear but then he randomly stopped. Instead, he ordered Lisa, in a whispering voice, to remove her underwear. He told her that he wouldn’t hurt her mother if she cooperated. Next, he removed the bottom part of his mask and nylon covering and started licking her breasts. While he did this, he undid his pants and tried to rape her. Lisa noted his penis was small and he couldn’t get an erection. However, eventually, he did succeed in the rape. When he was done he ordered her to roll over but she refused. She was convinced he intended on killing her. He warned her he would hurt her mother if she didn’t, so she acquiesced. After he left, she quickly got up and ran towards the door he left through. She was able to see him on the other side of their fence in the neighbor’s yard. Next, she ran to the den where her mother was still sitting. Her mother asked her what happened and she told her that her friend had pulled a bad prank on her. Given her mother’s fragile state, she couldn’t bear to tell her the truth. After assuring her mom that everything was fine, Lisa called a friend who called a friend who was friends with a police officer. He arranged to meet her at the hospital for a rape examination.  

The very next day, 20-year-old Selina McDonnell took a shower around 11:00 am. She lived not far from Lynn’s house. After she got out of the shower, she put on her bra and underwear, then walked over to her closet to pick out some clothes. As she opened the closet door, a man jumped out of it and attacked her. He was wearing only a t-shirt and smelled like stale body odor. Next, the assailant dragged Selina across the floor to her bed and proceeded to bind her with medical tape. He raped her and bound her up some more then left.

Only a month later, the rapist struck again. Deborah Orman was at a laundromat in Sansom Park, Texas doing her laundry. As she was bringing her clean clothes to her car, she noticed a man at a payphone watching her. When she went back inside the laundromat the man attacked her. He forced her onto the floor then dragged her to the back sink area. There he ripped off her clothes. He raped her and told her that he wouldn’t hurt her if she stayed down. As she was laying on the ground, he walked over to the front door and grabbed a 20-inch stick and the cap to a bleach bottle. He tried to rape her by putting the bleach cap on the end of the stick, but it didn’t work. Next, he ordered her to roll over on her belly and stay there until he left. As awful as Lisa, Deborah, Selina, Lynn, and Susan’s rapes were, they were the lucky ones.  

Wesley Miller Graduates to Murder

Retha Dean StrattonOne week after Deborahs’ rape, a young woman named Amy came back home to her apartment around 6:00 pm and noticed the front door was slightly ajar. There were no lights on in her apartment, even though her roommate Retha Stratton was supposed to be home. Retha was a cheerleader at Castleberry High School. When she entered her apartment and turned on a light, she was blood splattered on the wall. She ran next door to her sister’s apartment and got her sister. The two of them went back to Amy’s apartment and together noticed blood streaks across the living room floor that lead into Retha’s bedroom. In the bedroom, Retha was found nude on her back with her legs spread. Her body was at the entrance of her closet door and a knife was still stuck in her chest. Her underwear was stuffed in her mouth. Retha had 38 stab wounds and cuts, with four directly in her heart and 11 in her neck. FBI profiler John Douglas was called in to help create a profile for the perpetrator. He suspected that the killer was not able to achieve an erection and the penetration of the knife symbolized sexual penetration.

Wesley Wayne Miller’s Arrest

wesley wayne miller arrest

Shortly after Retha’s murder, 18-year-old Wesley Miller, captain of Castleberry High School’s football team, showed up at his girlfriend’s house and asked to use her bathroom. He had blood on him that he told her was from getting hit with a football. After he cleaned up her left. Later that night, when his girlfriend found out about Retha’s murder, she contacted the police. The police went over to Wesley’s house and took him down to the station for questioning. Eventually, he confessed that he went over to Retha’s house to hook up with her. At first, he claimed, she welcomed his advances. But then she stopped him. In a fit of rage, he stabbed her until she was dead and put her in the closet. Wesley Miller plead guilty to the murder of Retha Stratton and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. He was later Civilly Committed under the state’s Sexually Violent Predator Program and will remain in prison indefinitely. 

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