Serial Killer Ward Weaver Jr.

Meet the Ward Weavers

Many people know about the horrible murders of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis committed by Ward Weaver III.  But not many people know that Ward Weaver’s father, Ward Weaver Jr., was a serial killer.  No one knows exactly how many people he murdered while driving his semi-truck around northern California.  Police estimate he may be responsible for as many as 26 unsolved homicide cases.

Serial Killer Ward Weaver Jr.Serial Killer Ward Weaver Jr.

18-year old Robert Radford, was assigned to basic training for the United States Air Force in Colorado. While there, he met 23-year-old Barbara Levoy and the two of them began dating. After Robert completed his training, he and Barabra traveled together to his home in Edmonds, Washington, to meet his parents. The couple then drove south to Pinedale, California (just outside of Fresno) to meet Robert’s grandmother, they were gone for about two weeks. Their ultimate destination was Las Vegas, Nevada, where Robert was order to begin his first tour of duty at Nellis Air Force Base. Barbara planned on flying back home to Colorado after they got Las Vegas.

Meeting Ward Weaver Jr.

On the afternoon of February 5, 1981, Robert and Barbara arrived in Pinedale on the and spent the day visiting with Robert’s grandmother. Around 7:00 pm, they left Pinedale and head to Las Vegas, which is about a six-hour drive. Unfortunately, their car broke down 2.5 hours into their drive near Tehachapi, California, about a mile away from the exit. A man named James Powell was driving home from work around 11:00 p.m. when he noticed Robert and Barbara, and the broken down car on the side of the road with its emergency lights flashing. He offered the couple a ride back to Tehachapi, but they declined because it was in the opposite direction of where they were headed, so James left and headed home.  This ended up being a fatal mistake.

How Many People Did Ward Weaver Jr. Kill?

Ward Weaver Jr. murdered Robert and Barbara.  Unfortunately, they weren’t his only victims.  Listen to this Crimes & Consequences podcast episode to learn more.

 Listen to Part 2 of Meet the Ward Weavers: “Finding Ashley & Miranda” to find out what happens.

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