The hosts of Crimes & Consequences True Crime Podcast,Talia and Tonya spend countless hours researching crime cases to give you the most accurate account of the stories we share.  We have cases on terrifying serial killers, such as The Happy Face Serial Killer and The Candy Man Serial Killer.  We also have stories on lesser-known serial killers such as  Seattle’s Piquerest Killer and Ronald Bailey But not all of our podcast episodes involve horrible serial killings.  Some episodes highlight true crime cases involving murder mysteries solved cold casesgruesome homicide stories, and episodes on wrongful convictions. A lot of innocent people are imprisoned right now as you read this.  Listen to Crimes & Consequences podcast now and enjoy our true crime cases!

If you have true crime cases that you think would be perfect for our podcast, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us about the story because we love hearing from our listeners. We can’t guarantee we will be able to feature your story, but we will definitely look into it.  We are true crime fans too!

Are you obsessed with SERIAL KILLERS?

Are you obsessed with true crime cases about terrifying serial Killers like we are?? There are so many other fascinating serial killers besides Ted Bundy and Edward Fish out there.  Check out our episodes on serial killers.  To see more serial killer stories, go to the category box and select “Serial Killers”

Here are few of our episodes that focus on the terrifying serial killers you hate to love

Exclusive True Crime Cases

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