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In 2003, 43-year-old Anne Margaret Lebensztejn Karubin, a single mother of three was discovered dead in her bathtub by her two teen daughters, Caroline and Catherine. Anne Margaret had been suffering from depression and had turned into a full-blown alcoholic. When an autopsy was done, her blood-alcohol level was .415; however, Anne Margaret didn't die from alcohol poisoning. Instead, her death was ruled an "accidental drowning" by the medical examiner. After their mother's death, Caroline and Catherine moved in with their father and continued on with their lives going to high school and hanging out with their friends. But the two of them had a dark secret: their mother's death was no accident and was actually the result of a well thought out plan over a year in the making which included the help of three of their high school friends. This is Canada's most infamous case of matricide which, as a result of redaction requirements of The Canadian Youth Criminal Justice Act has previously been known only by the fictitious names of Linda Anderson and her daughters Beth and Sandra.

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