EP11: The Killer Couple

At the age of 19, Samantha Bachynski had recently graduated high school at the top of her class, was taking college courses, and had fallen in love for the first time to a handsome young man named Patrick. Within six months, her life collapsed into a downward spiral culminating in the torture and murder of three innocent people. Perhaps, if Samantha had never met Patrick she would have became the nurse she inspired to be. But instead, Samantha will forever be known as the other half of the killer couple…

Crimes & Consequences - Hardcore True Crime
Two attorneys explore the dark side of human nature by detailing hardcore true crime homicide cases from around the world.
EP44: Denise Amber Lee – The 911 Calls

In January of 2008, Denise Amber Lee was a 21-year-old stay-at-home mother to two young children living in North Port, Florida.   While Denise Lee’s husband was at work, a man entered their home in the middle of the day and kidnapped her while she was watching her two boys.  Five people called 911 regarding the crime, one of those people was the victim, Denise Lee.  Listen to all the 911 calls and find exactly what transpired on that fateful day.


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Sources and Special Thanks to:

 -Denise Amber Lee Foundation: https://www.deniseamberlee.org/en/Denises-Story


EP44: Denise Amber Lee – The 911 Calls

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