crimes and consequences

EP94: Inside the Hollow Tree

Matthew Hoffman's Massacre and Obsession with Trees

Matthew HoffmanIn November of 2010, police entered the Ohio home Tina Herrmann shared with her boyfriend Greg and her two children, 13-year-old Sarah and 11-year-old Kody. All of the residents of the house were missing, in addition to Tina’s best friend, Stephanie Sprang. Evidence inside the home indicated a brutal slaughter had taken place there; however, neither of the missing people nor their bodies could be found. Shoeprints from 13-year-old Sarah were found leading to a car missing in the garage. If Sarah made it out alive, she was no in the clutches of a monster who had a 24-hour head start on them. Listen to this week’s episode to learn the bizarre and heartbreaking case of “The Hollow Tree.”