Serial Killer Larry Gene Bell

EP35: Casket Closed

EP34: Casket Closed

Two days before her graduation from high school, 17-year-old Shari Smith was kidnapped from her mailbox. The kidnapper called her family on eight different occasions taunting them and even threatened that Shari’s 21-year-old sister, Dawn, would suffer the same fate. Eventually, the perpetrator’s phone calls stopped, but his crimes didn’t. Two weeks after Shari’s disappearance, he called the Smith family again and provided them with the directions to where the body of his newest victim could be found.

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Sources: The Rose of Shari Smith by Hilda Smith
Murder in the Midlands by Rita Y. Shuler 

Shari Faye Smith
Shari Faye Smith's graduation photo
Debra May Helmick
Debra May Helmick

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