Kathy Augustine's Murder

EP31: Deadly Injection

In 2006, Chaz Higgs calls 911 to report his wife, Kathy, isn’t breathing and it appears that her heart has stopped.  As a critical care nurse, Chaz tells 911 that he has tried CPR but has had no luck.  Emergency paramedics arrive within a few minutes and miraculously are able to get Kathy’s heart beating – and they rush her to the hospital.  As Kathy lies in a coma, her family wonders how a relatively healthy 50-year-old woman could suffer such a debilitating heart attack out of the blue? When a co-worker of Chaz’s remembers a conversation she had with him about how a perfect murder could be committed with a drug called succinylcholine, she knows she has to say something. Did Kathy suffer a heart attack or is there something much more sinister happening here?