Serial Killer Earle Nelson

EP50: The Dark Strangler

Listen to this true crime podcast story about Earle Nelson, also known as “The Dark Strangler“, “The Gorilla Man” and “The Gorilla Killer” (weird, right?). 

Earle Nelson

Earle Nelson was the first serial killer ever to get widespread media notoriety throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. During 1926-27, he killed at least 22 people, and most of them were classified as “sex murders”—meaning Earle derived sexual pleasure during the killing.

Earle seemed to target older women, although some of his victims were younger and one was even an infant.  Murder and rape weren’t the most sexually arousing part of the crimes for Earle.  Seeing his victims dead increased his sexual appetite: Earle was a necrophiliac who got off on intercourse with the dead bodies of his victims.

Even while taking his dying breath, Earle Nelson denied responsibility for the heinous crimes. Ultimately, Earle was hanged in the gallows of California’s death row prison in San Quentin. 

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about Earle’s depraved and horrendous crimes and what ultimately lead to his capture.

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EP54: Debbie Sue Carter & The Innocent Men

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EP54: Debbie Sue Carter & The Innocent Men