The mansion Murder Tour

17-year-old Jeanine and her 16-year-old friend Laurie were bored one Saturday afternoon and were looking for something fun to do.  They had heard from other students that there were unauthorized tours being given at the Carolands Chateau, a historic mansion with over 90 rooms.  The two young women decided to see if they could get a tour of the mansion and drove to Hillsborough, California where it was located.  18 hours later, they were found in a ravine filled with trash struggling to survive.

Castleberry High PodcastSomeone began raping young women in River Oaks, Texas, a suburb of Fort Worth, in 1981.  Just like a cheesy horror film, he would call their homes and talk to them, just before he surprised them in their bedrooms.  After a string of rapes, this perpetrator graduated into murder, stabbing a 19-year-old former cheerleader 38 times in the neck and chest.   Find out who is responsible for the year of terror that traumatized a high school and town.


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