Ward Weaver Podcast

Finding Ashley & Miranda

12-year-old Ashley Pond disappeared on her way to school in January of 2002. Two months later, one of her best friends, Miranda Gaddis. also turned up missing on her way to school. During their short lives, both girls had experienced abuse and the police had a long list of suspects to go through. It wasn’t until months later, in August, that the girls’ bodies were found and police were able to piece together the last days of their young lives.


Two joggers witnessed 19-year-old marine, Suzanne Collins, being forced into a station wagon while she was out for an evening jog in July of 1985. The next day, her unrecognizable beaten body was found under a tree at a park,… Continue Reading…

Sisters of Matricide

In 2003, 43-year-old Anne Margaret Lebensztejn Karubin, a single mother of three was discovered dead in her bathtub by her two teen daughters, Caroline and Catherine. Anne Margaret had been suffering from depression and had turned into a full-blown alcoholic. When an autopsy was done, her blood-alcohol level was .415; however, Anne Margaret didn’t die from alcohol poisoning. Instead, her death was ruled an “accidental drowning” by the medical examiner. After their mother’s death, Caroline and Catherine moved in with their father and continued on with their lives going to high school and hanging out with their friends. But the two of them had a dark secret: their mother’s death was no accident and was actually the result of a well thought out plan over a year in the making which included the help of three of their high school friends. This is Canada’s most infamous case of matricide which, as a result of redaction requirements of The Canadian Youth Criminal Justice Act has previously been known only by the fictitious names of Linda Anderson and her daughters Beth and Sandra.

Mark Unger Podcast

Dark Waters

On October 24, 2003 Mark and Florence “Flo” Unger arrived at a favorite northern Michigan vacation resort on Lower Herring Lake with their two children for a family getaway. Mark was hoping that this vacation would convince Flo he was a changed man, and not the gambling and prescription drug addict he had been the year prior – AND that their marriage was worth saving. However, when her body is found on the shore of Lower Lake Herring the following morning, face down in the water, Mark becomes suspect number one in her death. Did Flo complete suicide the night prior, or was Mark really guilty of killing his wife?

Stephen Grant Podcast

How Not to Get Away With Murder

Stephen Grant was once an ordinary married man who lived in the suburbs with his successful wife, Tara, and their two young children. Everything changed on February 9, 2006, when Stephen snapped and murdered Tara. As horrible as that is, what he did next defies the laws of sanity. Join us as we tell the story of a seemingly sane man’s descent into absurdity.

The Original Natural Born Killers

13-year-old Caril Fugate was introduced to 18-year-old Charlie Starkweather by her older sister Barb. The two teens really hit it off, but Caril didn’t know that Charlie had a dark side. He had an obsessive fascination with death, guns, and knives that he hid from not only Caril, but the world. Eventually, Charlie couldn’t contain this hidden beast and in 1958 he went on a rampage brutally raping a young woman and killing 11 people. The question is: was Caril a willing participant or Charlie’s twelfth victim? Learn more about the couple who inspired the 1994 hit movie “Natural Born Killers.”

Mel Ignatow Podcast

Double Jeopardy

36-year-old Brenda Schaefer was reported missing by her mother on September 25, 1988. Her boyfriend Mel Ignatow was immediately considered a suspect but there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him until Mel’s ex-girlfriend, Mary Ann Shore, made a startling confession: she had photographed the rape, torture, and murder of Brenda. After making a deal with the prosecutors, Mary Ann agreed to testify against Mel in exchange for a 1 to 5 years charge of tampering with evidence.
After a two week trial, the jury came back with a verdict: NOT GUILTY. Mel was acquitted of all charges. While Mel was able to walk free, Mary Ann was forced to due five years under her plea agreement.
Less then one year after his acquittal, the couple that had purchased Mel’s old house decided to replace the carpet. They discovered the old carpet actually hide a heating vent which contained 112 photographs of the crime.
Fortunately for Mel, the Fifth Amendment prohibits a person from being charged for the same crime in which he or she was already been tried. However, the prosecutors were able to find a clever way around this and give some justice to Brenda’s family.



53 year Chris Regan disappeared on October 14, 2014 in the midst of moving from Michigan to North Carolina.  The prime suspects where a woman he was dating named Kelly and her husband Jason.  Neighbors told the police they heard the sound of power tools in the middle of the night around the time Chris disappeared.  Kelly and Jason also invited them over to eat three times during that same week and had an enormous amount of meat during that same week.  Two years later, Jason died leading to the answers about what exactly happened to Chris.

The Killer Landlady

The Killer Landlady

In the 1980s, Dorothea Puente was a neighborhood saint in Sacramento, California—she owned a boarding house and took on the cases in which no one else wanted to help. Her residents were usually severe alcoholics, drug addicts, the mentally ill or very sick senior citizens. The social workers assigned to her boarding house absolutely LOVED her. From the outside, Dorothea and her boarding house seemed like heaven–but a closer look would reveal the residents were living in Hell on Earth…and don’t you DARE look in the garden!

Robert Anderson Podcast

The Mean Man Killed My Mommy

Two small children witnessed the abduction of their mother by “the mean man.” When police investigated the crime, they realized this wasn’t the first time the abductor had kidnapped a woman, and he didn’t always act alone. The atrocities committed demonstrated the crimes were part of a well thought out plan by a sadistic killer.

Ronald Gene Simmons

The Mockingbird Hill Maniac

Ronald Gene Simmons holds the title of the USA’s most prolific family annihilator.  But he didn’t just murder family members, he murdered all the “traitors & sinners” on his list, resulting in the brutal deaths of 16 people.  The murders were exceptionally cruel and show a complete disregard for human life, especially when you consider six of his victims were his own children.  In Ronald’s own words, “To those who oppose the death penalty – in my particular case, anything short of death would be cruel and unusual punishment.”

Gerard Schaefer PODCAST

Killer Fiction

Serial Killer Gerard Schaefer rekindled the romance he once had with his high school sweetheart, Sondra London, while on death row in the Florida State Penitentiary. Coincidentally, Sondra was a true crime writer, so she was able to get the rights to the short stories that Gerard had written, along with his drawings. She published two books then broke off their engagement with him, moving on to serial killer Danny Rolling. The first book, Killer Fiction, which is the basis for this episode, includes the writings of Gerard found by police while exercising their search warrant of his home in 1972. In addition, the book contains new writings created by Gerard while in prison. It is believed by most experts that these writings are not fiction, but actual accounts of Gerard’s murders. Warning: this is a very graphic episode.

John Robinson

The Women in the Barrels

John Robinson was a prolific serial killer and master manipulator who was able to get away with murder for at least two decades. He was a Slave Master for the International Counsel of Masters and his duties included securing women for the group to rape and torture. His total number of victims remains unknown but six bodies were found in barrels in various states of decomposition. What makes John an unusual serial killer is that he enjoyed torture and the BDSM lifestyle, but seemed to kill only for financial gain more than the pleasure.

Theresa Knorr

Mother Theresa

In Northern California, in 1984, a young woman was found burned alive in the woods of Squaw Valley. Her identity remained a mystery and she was buried as a Jane Doe. A year later and 100 miles away, another young woman was found dead in a box near a campground. Her identity was unknown and she was also buried as Jane Doe. The second Jane Doe’s death was attributed to a serial killer, Benjamin Herbert Boyle; however, the circumstances behind the first Jane Doe’s murder remained a mystery until 1993. In 1993, a young woman named Terry called America’s Most Wanted and provided the answers the investigators needed to identify both Jane Does and prosecute their true murderer, their mother.

barton corbin

The Deadly Dentist

Barton Corbin seemed to everyone to have it all.  He had a successful dental practice, a beautiful wife, and two young sons.  But both he and his wife had secrets.  She fell in love was person in an online fantasy game, and he was having an affair with his young dental assistant.  But that wasn’t Bart’s only secret…

patrick kearney

A Master’s Degree in Murder

In the 1960’s and 1970’s in Southern California, over 43 males were murdered, mutilated and dismembered in the home of a seemingly harmless engineer with the IQ of 180. This man’s thrills didn’t come from killing, but what he did after he murder his victims. Listen to learn more about the heinous monster who could have easily been anyone’s neighbor: Serial Killer Patrick Kearney.

Daniel Furlong

Tunnel Vision

In 2007, 11-year-old Jodi was riding when she was kidnapped, murdered and disposed of in a cemetery. The police focused exclusively on a local reserve officer, Raymond, who eventually was arrested and convicted of perjury in regards to the murder investigation. Eight years after Jodi’s murder, a similar crime took place five miles from where Jodi was killed, only this young girl escaped. The man as caught and his DNA was linked to Jodi’s death. It wasn’t Raymond who was after little girls, but a respected member of the community…

Robert Berdella

The Kansas City Butcher

From 1984 to 1988 there was a serial killer loose in the streets of Kansas City.  The victims were mostly male sex workers, street kids, and drug addicts and the killer knew, after getting away with the first murder, that the police were not quick to solve these crimes involving this often forgotten about population.  Fueled by his fantasies, Robert Berdella brutally tortured and murdered six men.  His would-be seventh victim was able to escape and expose the world to a horrifying story unlike anything you may have heard. 

bath school massacre

The Bath School Massacre

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the Virginia Tech , Colombine and Sandy Hook school murders, but I bet you’ve never heard of the largest school massacre in U.S. history: The Bath School Massacre.  What made a well-respected man of the community thread 900 lbs of explosives throughout the ceilings and walls of the school and then  slaughter 37 children, six adults and his wife?  In the words of the killer: Criminals are made, not born.


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