crimes and consequences

EP35: The Freezer

The Murder of Denise Huber

Denise HuberOn June 2, 1991, in southern California, Denise Huber was getting ready to go to a Morrisey concert with a friend. After the concert, she and her friend, Rob, went for drinks at a local watering hole. They invited more friends to join them and the night didn’t end until last call. Denise dropped Rob off at his house at about 2 am, and she told him she was on her way home. She was never seen alive again. Denise’s car was found on the side of the highway the next day but the police came up short on clues. It wasn’t until three years later when someone noticed a Ryder truck parked in a driveway in Arizona did the horror of what happened to Denise come to light. 

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