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    TnT: Crimes and Consequences, A True Crime Podcast


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Hello- I’m Talia, one of the hosts of TNT Crimes & Consequences.   I am an attorney, practicing in Michigan for approximately 15 years.   In 1996, I earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and went on to earn an associates degree in Computer Information Systems in 1998.  I am married to a beautiful man and have four amazing children.  I first became fascinated with true crime when I was a teen after reading a book on Ted Bundy. That book was so terrifying that I could only read it in my bathroom (because it had no windows) with the door locked.  I became obsessed with true crime ever since.  I appreciate you listening us, and hope you enjoy our podcast!

TnT: Crimes and Consequences, A True Crime Podcast


host. writer. producer

Hi, I’m Tonya.  I am a practicing attorney  in Michigan, just like Talia. I am married with one child, who I’m turning into a true crime kook just like me. My earliest memory of being fascinated with true crime was watching  a movie about the Manson murders when I was a teenager. After that, I was hooked. I remember when BTK was captured and being terrified at night when I was home alone that some weirdo would be break in. I still can only watch scary shows during daytime hours!  There’s nothing I like discussing more—we really hope you love this podcast as much as we loved creating it.

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