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William Dennis

EP65: The Man in the Wolf Mask

On Halloween night 1984, Doreen Erbert was very pregnant. She and her second husband, Charles were going to welcome a baby boy in about a month. Doreen and Charles were ecstatic at the prospect of being parents again, especially after they suffered pregnancy loss in the years prior. Doreen had also suffered the loss of her first child with her first husband in a terrible accident. After trick-or-treating with their 4-year-old daughter, Charles told Doreen he was going to run an errand and returned home after only 15 minutes. When Charles came home, he knew something was very wrong. The front door was ajar, and when Charles went further into the house, he found a scene straight out of a horror movie. Listen to this week’s episode to find out more.

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Gypsy Hill Murders

EP64: The Gypsy Hill Murders

In 1976, young women with long hair parted in the middle were turning up dead in San Francisco. Most of the women were found near Gypsy Hill Road and the media nicknamed this string of deaths as “The Gypsy Hill Murders.” During the six-month killing spree, another young woman named Michelle Mitchell was brutally slaughtered. Although she was killed in Reno, Nevada, police believed the Gypsy Hill Killer was also responsible for her death. It would take 35 years for all these murders to be solved and sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

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The Lafferty Brothers

EP57: The Lafferty Brother’s Removal Revelation

On Pioneer Day in 1984, in Utah, the Lafferty Brothers, Ron and Dan, decided it was time for their “Removal Revelation” to be carried out. Ron had been excommunicated from the Church of Ladder-Day Saints (LDS) the year earlier, and since then, he and Dan believed Ron received orders from God to “remove” four people—two members of the LDS church as well as one of their younger brothers’ wife and baby daughter. Listen to this episode to find out if the Removal Revelation was carried out.

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Andrew Urdiales

EP55: Dumped In The Desert

In September 1992, Jennifer was running late to her job. She missed the bus and didn’t have her own transportation. In her moment of desperation, she accepted a ride from a stranger. However, this stranger ended up dropping her off at her job with very little incident. Jennifer thought he was a little weird and gave him a fake number when he asked. The following day when he showed up at her job she again got in his car. That was when things went haywire. The man was Andrew Urdiales, who ended up being convicted of 8 murders in California and Illinois, with Jennifer encountering him right in the middle of his killing spree. Did Jennifer live to tell the world her story? Listen to this week’s episode to find out and to hear more about Andrew’s despicable crimes.

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Ron Williamson Debbie Carter

EP54: Debbie Carter & The Innocent Men

Debbie Sue Carter knew she was in trouble.  Someone was at her home at 2:00 am that made her feel uncomfortable enough to call her friend to come to get her.  Before her friend left, Debbie called her back and told her not to come over.  The next day Debbie was found raped and murdered.  She had been brutalized with a ketchup bottle and her killer had written messages all over her body and apartment. Two men, Ronald Williamson and Dennis Fritz were convicted of the murder.  Twelve years later, they were exonerated and her real killer was brought to justice.  Listen to find out who tortured, raped, and murdered Debbie Sue Carter.

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William Lester Suff Podcast

EP49: The Lake Elsinore Killer

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the bodies of young women (many were believed to be sex workers) were showing up around the Lake Elsinore, California area. As the body count was piling up the police began to realize that they had a serial killer in the area. Each murder victim underwent unspeakable horrors—some of the women suffered greatly and their bodies evidenced this fact. When police finally tracked down a viable suspect, everything seemed to fall into place–especially when the killer had kept so many souvenirs of his victims. Listen to this week’s episode to find out about the horrible crimes of serial killer William Lester Suff.

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The Comic Book Killer

EP39: The Comic Book Killer

On Friday, July 13, 1990, the body of 32-year-old Barbara George was found in the backroom of her comic book store in Clinton Township, Michigan. Initially, when she was found, it appeared that she had maybe suffered a heart attack or was fatally injured somehow. However, when she was transported to the hospital, a nurse found a bullet wound on her head that had been hidden by her thick hair. Unfortunately, due to lack of physical evidence and very little clues, Barbara’s murder was left unsolved until the cold case unit reopened it in 2007. The cold case unit found a report made by a witness in 1990 who said that Barbara’s husband wasn’t where he said he was—and this was the missing part of the puzzle the police needed to solve Barbara’s murder. Police soon tracked down her husband in Pennsylvania, married to a woman he was having an affair within 1990. Listen now to Episode 39 to find out how this cold case was eventually solved.

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EP31: Deadly Injection

Kathy Augustine was a senator from Nevada. While her second husband was sick in the hospital, she fell in love with his male nurse, Chaz Higgs. Her husband later died suspiciously and Kathy Augustine married Chaz. Not long after that, Kathy was murdered.

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EP11: The Killer Couple

At the age of 19, Samantha Bachynski had recently graduated high school at the top of her class, was taking college classes, and had fallen in love for the first time to a handsome young man. Within six months, her life collapsed into a downward spiral culminating in the torture and murder of three innocent people. Perhaps, if Samantha had never met Patrick she would have become the nurse she inspired to be. But instead, Samantha will forever be known as the other half of the killer couple…

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EP07: The Terrifying Duvall Brothers

In 1985, two best friends went to the rural Northern Michigan town of Mio to kick off their start of the deer hunting season; they never returned home. After 18 years a witness came forward to reveal the unspeakable fate of the hunters. At the time of their disappearance, the terrifying Duvall brothers lived near Mio. The brothers liked to drink, fight and tend to their pigs. And on the night the hunters died, they did all three.

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EP06: The Ypsilanti Ripper

From 1967 to 1969, before the world had ever heard of the term “serial killer” or DNA or Ted Bundy, a young man nicknamed “The Ypsilanti Ripper”  terrorized two college campus, slaughtering at least six women with such sadistic rage, that to this day, only a handful of killers can match his cruelty. On the outside,  this man was a handsome sophomore and future elementary school teacher, but on the inside…he was a monster.

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