Suzanne Capper

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EP103: Suzanne Capper’s Seven days of Hell

Seven Days of Hell – The Suzanne Capper Story 16-year-old Suzanne Capper was a wayward child who just wanted to feel loved and accepted. Unfortunately,… Continue Reading…

Snowtown Murders

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The Snowtown Murders

Between 1992-1999 11 people (possibly 12) were viciously tortured and murdered near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. If you live outside of Australia, you may have never heard of the Snowtown Murders—named for where the bodies were found. This case is one of Australia’s most notorious and heinous crimes, one carried out by four men who met by happenstance and created the perfect storm to become serial killers. Listen to this Members/Subscriber-Only episode to hear more about a story that the people who live in the town of Snowtown, South Australia wish everyone would forget.

Kelsey Berreth

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EP102: Kelsey Berreth -A Deal With the Devil

Kelsey Berreth was last seen alive on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2018. She seemed to disappear without a trace after going to the grocery store with her baby daughter. It was only when a woman named Krystal Lee came forward, did the truth of what happened to Kelsey come to light…and what happened was brutal and horrific. Listen to this week’s episode to hear more about the disappearance and murder of Kelsey Berreth.


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Kevin Cooper: Innocent Man or Brutal Killer?

In 1983, the Ryen family, along with an 11-year-old neighbor, were slaughtered in their Chino Hills, California home. Kevin Cooper, an escapee from a nearby prison was found guilty of their murders and sentenced to death. A large group of supporters maintain that Kevin was framed by corrupt police. Listen to all the evidence and decide for yourself whether Kevin Cooper is an innocent man or brutal killer.

timothy krajcir

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EP101: Easy Targets – Serial Killer Timothy Krajcir

Serial killer Timothy Krajcir got away with nine murders and over 30 rapes for decades. Starting with the double murder of Mary Parsh and her daughter Brenda in 1977, Timothy continued to unleash his brutality on unsuspecting women he targeted while shopping alone at grocery stories. It wasn’t until DNA technology caught up with him in 2007, that he finally received the justice he deserved. But not before another man died in prison doing time for one of Tim’s crimes.

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Buck Don’t Give a F*ck

Tracey Thurman was a pretty young woman looking for a fresh start in 1979 when she moved to Florida from Connecticut. After moving to Florida, Tracey found work at a hotel and soon met one of the guests, Charles “Buck” Thurman. Tracey and Buck had an instant attraction and fell deeply in love. Tracey thought Buck was the perfect man…until he wasn’t. Buck became abusive and it only worsened when Tracey tried to leave him in 1982. She could have never guessed that her life would be in danger soon after returning to Connecticut and she thought the police would protect her. She couldn’t have been more wrong. Listen to this Members/Subscribers Only Episode to hear the Tracey Thurman story. If you or someone you know is currently a victim of DV, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE or text “START” to 88788.

victoria stafford podcast

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EP100: The Murder of Victoria Stafford

Victoria “Tori” Stafford was a happy 8-year old, who on April 8, 2009, was starting at a new elementary school in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. She and her older brother, 10-year-old Daryn, were supposed to walk home from school for the first time. Tori ended up walking home alone and was never seen again. Video from the high school down the street from the elementary school showed Tori being led away by a young woman. Who was this woman and what happened to Tori? Listen to this week’s episode to find out more.

Mask of Sanity

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EP99: The Mask of Sanity

Susie Jaeger’s family woke up in the middle of the night to find a hole in their tent and Susie missing. Four years earlier in the same camping spot, a Boy Scout was murdered while sleeping in his tent. Not long after Susie’s abduction, her family began receiving phone calls from her kidnapper. Then local Montana teen, Sandra Smallegan, went missing. In the first active FBI investigation to use criminal profiling, agents were able to discover gruesome crime scenes of unimaginable horror and the seemingly harmless man responsible for at least four murders.

Ezra McCandless

True Crime Stories

Pretty in Pink – The Murder of Alex Woodworth

Why did Ezra McCandles murder her lover Alex Woodworth? She claimed he attacked her and carved the word “boy” in her arm; thus she killed him in self-defense. But evidence presented at trial showed a much more twisted account of events.

Gary Hilton

Exclusive Episodes

Don’t Ever Go Hiking Again!

Many people enjoy hiking in the national and state forests—they get exercise and fresh air, and get to experience the beauty of the great outdoors. Unfortunately, however, not everyone that goes to public parks have the intent of innocently enjoying a hiking day trip or the natural beauty of the landscape—sometimes there are people who look at the national forests as a hunting ground. That is exactly what serial killer Gary Hilton did—he preyed on hikers or visitors to the forests, and not only robbed them, he also did horrific things to their corpses when he killed them. Listen to this Subscribers Only/Members Only episode to hear more about the man who was dubbed the National Forest Serial Killer.

Rod Ferrell

True Crime Stories

The Kentucky Vampire Cult Killers

Rod Ferrell developed an alter ego named Vesago, whom he claimed was a 500-year-old vampire. In November of 1996, Rod, along with some other members of a cult he had formed, broke into a Kentucky home and beat two innocent people to death.

Lawrence Singleton

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EP98: It Was the Other Larry

In 1978, 15-year old Mary Vincent was hitchhiking from northern California to Los Angeles to visit her grandfather. Everything went smoothly until she accepted a ride at Hitchhiker’s Corner on the campus of the University of California—Berkley. Learn all about the murderous monster Lawrence Singleton in this week’s episode!

Danielle Simpson

Exclusive Episodes

Chunked in the River

In 2000, 84-year-old Geraldine Davidson returned to her Palestine, Texas home to find three people inside. The ringleader of the group was a member of the Southside Crypts Gang named Danielle Simpson. Geraldine was bound, beaten, and thrown into the trunk of her car. For over 10 hours, she was tortured and shown off to the group of hoodlums’ friends and family, before they finally resolved to finish her off. Listen to this episode to learn more about poor Geraldine’s last day alive.

William Richards

Public EpisodesWrongful Convictions

EP97: Murder in the High Desert

On August 10, 1993, Pamela and Bill Richards lived in an RV on five acres of property in the Mojave Desert where they were constructing their dream home. Bill pulled up to the camper just before midnight after leaving work and was surprised to see all the lights off at the home. As he was walking to start the generator, he tripped over something on the ground. Looking down, he saw the mutilated corpse of Pamela. Quickly he ran inside to call 911, but just before he picked up the phone, it rang. Bill answered the call and immediately recognized the voice on the other end of the line – Listen to this week’s episode to hear the details of this murder mystery.

James Hicks

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When Dumb People Get Away with Murder

In July 1977, Jennie Lynn Hicks disappeared. A young mother of two small children, Jennie’s family were convinced that she wouldn’t have just vanished without her children. Her husband, James “Jimmy” Hicks told police Jennie ran off with a trucker. While no one believed him, police had little to go on, and Jennie’s case grew cold. Jimmy’s name resurfaced again with police when another young mother, Jerilyn Towers, disappeared in 1982, and again, when Jimmy’s girlfriend, Lynn Willette disappeared in 1996. Listen to this week’s member’s only episode to hear about more about these disappearances, and whether Jimmy was responsible.

candace newmaker

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The Rebirthing of Candace

Candace Newmaker was adopted out of foster care by a loving woman named Jeane. But years of neglect and abuse had damaged the little girl and was diagnosed with Attachment Reactive Disorder. After years of medication and therapy with no signs of improvement, Jeane brought Candace to a place known as the “Attachment Center” to try the provocative and controversial therapy known as “rebirthing.” Instead of being reborn, Candace was murdered.

Paige Doherty

True Crime Stories

The Murder of Paige Doherty

Paige Doherty, 15, stopped into Delicious Deli on her way to her job at a hair salon in Clydebank, Scottland on March 19, 2016. When she failed to return home later that day, her concerned parents reported her missing to the police. Two days later her mutilated body was discovered on the roadside near Glasgow’s Great Western Road. Learn more about Paige’s story in this week’s blog post.

Tim Hennis

Public Episodes

EP96: Dual Sovereignty

The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees that no person shall be tried in a court of law for the same crime twice. Everything you know and understand about double jeopardy will be challenged when you listen to this week’s episode. In 1985, Katie Eastburn and her two daughters, Kara aged 5, and Erin aged 3 were savagely murdered in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The man eventually arrested and tried for the crime was tried three times, the third coming after he was acquitted for the crime. How is that possible? The Doctrine of Dual Sovereignty holds all the answers.

Anthony Sowell

Public Episodes

EP95: The Cleveland Strangler’s House of Horror

For almost two years Ray’s Sausage Company was blamed for the awful stench that permeated the Imperial Avenue neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio. But after a woman showed up at the hospital with a terrifying tale of rape and attempted murder, police discovered the true origin of the horrid smell: 11 rotting bodies in the home of serial killer Anthony Sowell. Check out this week’s episode to learn all about the Cleveland Strangler.

colleen stan

True Crime Stories

The Kidnapping of Colleen Stan

In 1977, Colleen Stan was hitchhiking from her home in Eugene, Oregon, to a friend’s home in northern California. Unfortunately, she would never arrive. Instead, she would accept a ride from a couple who turned out to be sexual sadists and would hold Colleen in a box and use her as a sex slave for the next seven years.

Matthew Hoffman Podcast

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EP94: Inside the Hollow Tree

In November of 2010, police entered the Ohio home Tina Herrmann shared with her boyfriend Greg and her two children, 13-year-old Sarah and 11-year-old Kody. All of the residents of the house were missing, in addition to Tina’s best friend, Stephanie Sprang. Evidence inside the home indicated a brutal slaughter had taken place there; however, neither of the missing people nor their bodies could be found. Shoeprints from 13-year-old Sarah were found leading to a car missing in the garage. If Sarah made it out alive, she was no in the clutches of a monster who had a 24-hour head start on them. Listen to this week’s episode to learn the bizarre and heartbreaking case of “The Hollow Tree.”

kenneth biros

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Kenneth Biros is one twisted son-of-a-bitch. The desecration he committed on 22-year-old Tami Engstrom, a young wife and mother is beyond disturbing. After drinking too much at the bar, Ken offered to take Tami to get a cup of coffee to sober her up. Instead of sobering her up, Ken chopped her up.

steven spader

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EP93: Disciples of Destruction

When Kimberly Cates went to bed the evening of September 4, 2009, she had no idea that she would be startled awake later that night and attacked in her bed with her 11-year-old daughter next to her. Kimberly was murdered during a random home invasion by members of the Disciples of Destruction, a “brotherhood” of some high school friends that decided they would raise some hell and terrorize the residents of the little rural town of Mont Vernon, New Hampshire. Listen to this week’s episode to find out more about this little town’s most heinous murder.

leslie allen williams

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EP92: A Dance with Demons

Leslie Allen Williams is a serial killer responsible for the murders of four teenage girls in Michigan in the 90s. Two of his victims were sisters,16-year-old Michelle and 14-year-old Melissa Urbin. The teens were kidnapped while walking together along a country road near their home one afternoon. After raping and murdering the sisters, Leslie buried them in a single, shallow grave in a nearby cemetery. Later, Leslie attacked 35-year-old Carla Walters after she rebuked his grossly inappropriate sexual advances while she was placing flowers on her mother’s grave. Witnesses at the cemetery watch as Leslie dragged Carla off to the side, beat and raped her. Their quick thinking saved Carla’s life, but by then Leslie Williams had already raped and murdered not only the Urbin sisters but 18-year-old Kami Villanueva and 15-year-old Cyndi Jones. Listen to this episode to learn about Leslie’s decades-long sexual predation of teenage girls and his inner dance with demons.

Cal Coburn Brown

Exclusive Episodes

The Shadow Motel

Cal Coburn Brown is a sadistic disgusting pig who tortured and raped Susan Schnell during a romantic weekend in Palm Springs, California. Two days later, on the brink of death, she managed to escape his clutches. Officers arrested Cal while he was walking down the street. During his booking, he asked what crime he was being charged with. When officers told him it was for the rape and attempted murder of Susan, Cal said “Is that all? I thought it was for the other thing. I thought this was going to be more serious, you know, because of the other thing…I have something else to tell you, and you better get something to write it down with.” Find out what “the other thing” Cal is referring to during this episode.

Peter Dupas Podcast

Exclusive Episodes

Peter Dupas: A Danger to Society

Peter Dupas terrorized the women of Australia for over 30 years. His criminal history is shocking, especially considering his first violent attack on a woman was in 1968, when he was only 15 years old. From 1968 until 1999, Peter raped and murdered numerous women, attacking them in broad daylight. His criminal record and deep hatred for women is appalling—he spent his adult years in and out of prison like it was a revolving door. However, this danger to society was finally stopped for good, sentenced to life without parole in 1999. Listen to this week’s episode to hear more about serial killer and violent rapist, Peter Dupas, and the victims he so callously abused, attacked and murdered.

Brandy Duvall Deuce Seven

Public Episodes

EP91: Deuce-Seven

May 30, 1997 was the last day of Brandaline “Brandy” Rose Duvall’s life. At 14 years old, she had her whole life in front of her. She was an honor roll student and an athlete who had a 1000-watt smile. She was close to her friends and even closer to her mother. However, on that fateful Saturday, Brandy encountered members of the Latino offshoot of Crenshaw Mafia Gangster Bloods (“Bloods)—they called themselves Deuce-Seven. What happened to Brandy was one of the most brutal and disgusting crimes that the people of Denver, Colorado will never forget. This young teen should have gone on to have a full and happy life, but Deuce-Seven made sure she never would.

bryce virginia bobby durham

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EP90: Three Bodies in the Bathtub

Troy Hall received a cryptic phone call from his mother-in-law at 10:15 pm on a freezing Thursday night. As she asked for help, the phone line went dead. He and his wife, Ginny, drove through 40 mph winds during a blizzard to check on her family. To their utter horror, Ginny’s mother, father, and 19-year-old brother were found side-by-side on their knees in the bathroom with their heads submerged underwater in the bathtub. A noose was wrapped around her father’s neck. The house was ransacked but a bank deposit bag filled with money sat on the dining room chair. Listen to this episode as we unravel the mystery behind the Durham family’s murder.

jesse mcbane and patt mann

Exclusive Episodes

The Valentine’s Day Dance

19-year-old Patricia Mann and 18-year-old Jesse McBane had been dating for over three years. On February 12, 1971, the couple attended a Valentine’s Day Dance at Watts Hospital, where Patricia was training to be a nurse. After the dance, they drove to an area known as lovers lane by the locals. Two weeks later, their dead bodies were found tied a tree in the woods. Who killed this couple? Listen to this episode to find out what happened to the two teens that chilly February night.

john joubert

Public Episodes

EP89: The Eagle Scout Serial Killer

John Joubert had fantasies of killing his babysitter when he was only six years old. By the time he was 16, he had attacked a woman and two children, slashing a two-inch wound that required 12 stitches to one of the children. By the time he was 20, he was sentenced to life in prison in Maine, and given the death penalty in Nebraska. Listen to this week’s episode to hear more about Nebraska’s most notorious serial child killer.

Dimebag Darrell

Exclusive Episodes

The Vulgar Display of Power

On December 8, 2004, heavy metal fans were getting ready for the headlining act at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus Ohio. The band headlining that night was Damageplan, which was formed by the Abbott brothers—Vinnie Paul and Darrell “Dimebag” Abbot. Vinnie and Dimebag Darrell were former members of the rock group Pantera. Everyone at the Alrosa were excited to see Damageplan, but no one was more excited than 25-year-old Nathan Gale. Nathan was a rabid Pantera fan and he was anxious to see Vinne and Dimebag play. However, once Damageplan started to play, and Nathan made his way to the stage, no one would have guessed that the night would end with 5 people dead. Listen to this exclusive episode to hear about the night that changed rock concerts forever.

The Moorhouse House Murders

Exclusive Episodes

The Moorhouse Murders

Australia has its own version of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka: David and Catherine Birnie. This couple kidnapped, raped, and murdered four women in the span of one month, making some of them call and write letters to their families while being held hostage. Listen to this episode to learn more about these brutal killers and their terrifying murder spree.

William Lee Neal

Public Episodes

EP88: Welcome to My Mortuary

During a three-day killing spree, William “Wild Bill Cody” Neal told three women he had been dating that he had a surprise for them. While they were blindfolded eagerly awaiting their gift, he snuck up behind them with a 7.5 pound splitting maul. A fourth victim survived his torture but was forced to watch as his horror unfolded.

joel guy

Gruesome Scale: HighPublic Episodes

EP87: The Diabolical Stew of Human Remains

In 2016, Joel Guy, Sr. (“Mike”) and his wife, Lisa, were planning on retiring and moving from the hustle and bustle of their lives in Knoxville, Tennessee to a quieter life in rural Surgoinsville, Tennessee. The couple invited their family to celebrate one last Thanksgiving in their Knoxville home before their move. The next Monday, when Lisa failed to show up for her last day of work, her co-workers called the police to make a welfare check. When police showed up at the house they found what prosecutors would later describe as a “diabolical stew of human remains.” Their killer left a four-page detailed journal of the brutal premeditated crime. Listen to this week’s shocking episode to hear all the horrific details of one of the most brutal crimes in the United States’ recent history.

Robert Ben Rhoades

Exclusive Episodes

Whips and Chains

You may have seen the photo of Regina Walters in the last moments of her life and wondered what kind of sick bastard could do that to a 14-year-old girl? This week’s Members Only episode is about that sick bastard, Robert Ben Rhoades. Robert was a man whose sexual appetite was never satisfied and he enjoyed causing women physical pain and suffering. He was a trucker who ended up creating a torture chamber in his sleeper cab and had a briefcase full of items meant to cause pain in every way imaginable. Listen to hear about the women who survived their time with Robert and those men and women who didn’t.

Alice Wynekoop

Exclusive Episodes

The Chicago Mansion Murders

Dr. Alice Wynekoop was an amazing woman, at least until she let greed get the best of her. She spent most of her life advocating for poor, orphaned children and even adopted a child. Together, she and her husband built a 16-bedroom mansion in Chicago, equipped with secret doors and hidden rooms. After her husband’s death, money got tight and multiple people ended up dying in that house. As you listen to this episode, you will realize that she wasn’t that great at getting away with murder, but was her son Earle?

blake leibel

Gruesome Scale: HighPublic Episodes

EP86: The Bloodletting

Blake Leibel was a trust fund baby who researched serial killers in preparation for a graphic novel/comic book he was creating for publication. The storyline told a tale of a serial killer who hung his victims upside down by their feet, and after cutting them, he watched them slowly bleed to death in agony. In 2016, Blake used this plot as inspiration for the barbaric torture and murder of his 30-year-old model girlfriend, Iana Kasian. Warning: this episode is gruesome.

elroy preston

True Crime Stories

Blood for Dipping Sauce

Elroy Preston murdered two of the guest staying at his home for no real reason. Once they were dead, he dipped his fried chicken in their blood and ate it.

robert lee yates

Public Episodes

EP85: The Spokane Serial Killer

The Spokane Serial Killer, Robert Lee Yates, Jr., went on a killing spree that spanned 14-months in the late 1990s. But cold case detectives discovered his first victims were murdered over 25 years earlier. Investigators believe during that 25-year gap, he may have murdered up to 26 people in Germany. How could a married man in the service with five children get away with killing close to 50 people? Listen to this week’s episode to hear more about The Spokane Serial Killer.

Alianna Defreeze

Exclusive Episodes

The Tragic Death of Alianna DeFreeze

Alianna DeFreeze had a long journey each morning to get to her E-Prep charter school. She took two RTA city buses and walked nine blocks through a “high crime” area. On the morning of January 26, 2017, she failed to make it to E-Prep and the school never notified her parents of her absence. Had the school let them know their beautiful 14-year-old daughter with a learning disability didn’t show up for classes, there is a chance Alianna could have been saved from the monster that snuffed her life. This is Alianna’s story.

Cassie Holden

True Crime Stories

The Murder of Cassie Holden

12-year-old Cassie Holden was picking flowers off a wooded path when she was brutally attacked. She was chased through the woods, but eventually overpowered by her kill, Jonathan Gentry.

austin harrouff

Public Episodes

EP84: The Frat Boy Flesh Eater

On a warm August night in Tequesta, Florida, Michelle and John Stevens were sitting in their garage drinking a beer when 19-year-old Austin Harrouff viscously attacked them in a crazed frenzy. A neighbor tried to intervene but was repeatedly stabbed and fled the scene to call 911. When first responders arrived on the scene, Austin was grunting and growling while ripping off the flesh from John’s face with his teeth. What made this seemingly normal Alpha Delta Phi frat boy turn into a cannibalistic murder?

edward covington

Public Episodes

EP83: Mother’s Day Massacre

WARNING: THIS EPISODE IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. Violence against children and a family pet is featured.

On Mother’s Day 2008, Barbara Freiberg was looking forward to receiving a call from her daughter, Lisa. Lisa was a mom herself—she had a son, Zachary, 7, and 2-year-old Heather Savannah—and Mother’s Day was always a special day for Lisa and Barbara. When Lisa failed to call her mother that Sunday, Barbara decided to go to Lisa’s house Monday. What Barbara found, no mother should ever see.

Carol Giles

Exclusive Episodes

Needle Work

When a woman’s body is found near Flint, Michigan on November 14, 1997, without any identification, police have two mysteries to solve—her identity and why she was killed. An autopsy showed the victim had suffered tremendously prior to her death. Battery acid and bleach had been repeatedly injected into her. Later, investigators determined this woman wasn’t the killers’ only victim…

Todd Mendyk

Exclusive Episodes

The Night Shift

Lee Ann Larmon worked the night shift at the Preston Convenience Store in Brooksville, Florida, to help pay her way through college. On a Wednesday evening in April of 1987, Lee Ann was manning the store alone when a satanic sadist and his minion companion kidnapped her and drove her to the swamps. As a result of that evening’s events, Brooksville changed its local ordinance and mandated that all shops and gas stations have a minimum of two workers present for each shift. This is Lee Ann’s tragic story.

jessica hill

Public Episodes

EP82: A Wolf on the Sheep Farm

On Memorial Day in 2007, farmhand Shane Hill called 911 to report that he had fired at a coyote stalking his sheep when the bullet ricocheted and struck him. The call got disconnected, so while laying on the ground bleeding, he called 911 again. During his second call, another shot was fired. Shane died while on the phone with dispatch believing he had somehow killed himself. But an autopsy the next day proved otherwise. This is Shane’s story.

cindy james

Public Episodes

EP81: Stalked to Death

Cindy James was enjoying her newly single life after divorcing her husband in early 1982. However, her joy was short-lived, when only seven months later, she became the victim of a violent stalker. For the next seven years, someone relentlessly terrorized Cindy. On multiple occasions, she was violently attacked and sustained serious physical injury resulting in her hospitalization. She filed multiple police reports but authorities dismissed her complaints as attention-seeking. Then on May 25, 1989, Cindy disappeared. Her dead body was later found hog-tied in an abandoned house. Shockingly, Cindy’s death was ruled a suicide. However, 30 years later, evidence supports what her family has always known: Cindy was murdered. Listen to this week’s episode to hear the details of Cindy’s seven years of terror and the likely suspects involved in her death.

Devil's Teeth

Exclusive Episodes

Devil’s Teeth

Somehow Jeannette DePalma ended up dead on top of a cliff known as “The Devil’s Teeth.” Surrounding her head was a strange rock formation and two sticks placed to form a cross. How did Jeannette end up dead? And is her murder connected to the other unsolved killings of young girls in New Jersey?

Donald Miller

Public Episodes

EP80: The Big Ten Campus Killer

19-year-old Michigan State University student Martha Young disappeared on New Year’s Eve in 1976. Ten months later, her clothes were found meticulously laid out in a field, as if she had vaporized inside of them. Over a year later, journalism student Marita Choquette’s body was found murdered, with her hands cut off. Marita’s killer took the time to make a formation around her body, leading authorities to believe there was a religious or ritualistic aspect to the crime. It was only after a third student disappeared on MSU’s campus that police suspected they had a serial killer targeting co-eds. But it would take three more victims before authorities were finally able to put a stop to the cold-blooded killer.

larry froistad

Public Episodes

EP79: Chatroom Confessions of Murder

Imagine you are a member of an internet support group for problem drinkers. One day as you are perusing through the chatroom discussions, you stumble upon a disturbing post from a regular named Larry. In his post, Larry confesses to having murdered his child years earlier and gotten away with it. What would you do? This is what happened to 200 people and how they handled it will shock you…

Jeremiah Rodgers

Gruesome Scale: HighPublic Episodes

EP78: Dead Inside

Jeremiah Rodgers and Jonathan Lawrence were two young men who met in a mental institute for the criminally insane. They quickly formed a friendship, bonding over the anger and rage brewing inside them. This dangerous comradery continued even after both men were released from prison. Fueled by their dark fantasies of murder, necrophilia, and cannibalism, Jeremiah and John set out on a murderous campaign, culminating in the needlessly cruel deaths of two young adults. Listen as we dive into the disturbed and chilling minds of these terrifying killers.

jerry brudos

Exclusive EpisodesSerial Killers

Jerry Brudos: The Lust Killer

To Jerry Brudos’ mother, high-heel shoes were taboo; a shoe reserved for tramping women.  But when Jerry came across a pair at a dumpster at the age of five, it was love at first sight.  This sexual attraction continued on throughout his adult life and his predatory tastes were based on what type of shoe a potential victim was wearing.  After kidnapping, raping, and torturing women for over a year, Jerry was finally apprehended and sentenced to life in prison.  He died in 2006 and when they searched his cell, they found a plethora of shoe catalogs that he had been using as masturbatory aids.  This is serial killer Jerry Brudos’ story.

Mark and John

Public Episodes

EP77: Teenage Spy Games

On June 29, 2003, a 14-year-old boy was fighting for his life, laying in a pool of his own blood in an alley in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom. He had been stabbed by a contracted assassin that was working on behalf of The Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6. Listen to this week’s episode to find out why the British Government would want a 14-year-old boy dead, and the events that led up to his near-fatal stabbing. The twists and turns in this episode are straight out of a James Bond movie!

maury travis

Gruesome Scale: HighPublic EpisodesSerial Killers

EP76: Maury Travis’ Snuff Tapes

Maury Travis was a very, very disturbed man. Since he was 14-years-old he fantasized about murder. As an adult, he turned his basement into a torture chamber where he killed at least 17 women, all the while videotaping their suffering and eventual death. Listen to this episode to get a glimpse into the crazed mind of this killer.

Donald Gaskins

Exclusive EpisodesGruesome Scale: HighSerial Killers

The Meanest Man in America

Donald Henry Gaskins, best known as “Pee Wee” Gaskins, was a serial killer who terrorized South Carolina in the late 60s and early 70s. Pee Wee claimed that he probably killed about 100 people—and he wasn’t a discriminating killer. His victims were children, women, men, white and black. He categorized his killings into “Coastal Kills”—those that he did purely for the pleasure it brought him, and “Serious Kills” –those he killed for a reason. Listen to Part 1 of this week’s Members Only episode. WARNING: This episode is extremely graphic and disturbing, so buckle up!

Robert Berdella

Gruesome Scale: HighPublic EpisodesSerial Killers

EP75: The Kansas City Butcher

Warning: This episode is extremely gruesome. From 1984 to 1988 there was a serial killer loose in the streets of Kansas City. The victims were mostly male sex workers, street kids, and drug addicts. The killer knew, after getting away with the first murder, that the police were not quick to solve these crimes involving this often forgotten about population. Fueled by his fantasies, Robert Berdella brutally tortured and murdered six men. His would-be seventh victim was able to escape and expose the world to a story that is fuel for nightmares.

The Tison Gang

Exclusive EpisodesSerial Killers

The Tison Gang’s Murder Spree

The story of the Tison gang is a classic true crime story that includes a bizarre prison breakout crazier than a movie. The Tison gang’s story centers around a criminal mastermind Gary, who escapes from prison with his serial killer cellmate. Together, along with Gary’s three sons, the group goes on a two-week crime spree resulting in seven deaths.

The Belgium X-Files

Exclusive EpisodesGruesome Scale: High

The Belgium X-Files

The Belgium of X-Files contains graphic accounts from women who were sold as children into a Belgium pedophile network. They describe murders, bestiality, torture and sexual abuse. This episode is the companion story to EP74: The Monster of Belgium.

Marc Dutroux

Public EpisodesSerial Killers

EP74: The Monster of Belgium

Marc Dutroux is a monster who created a secret prison in his basement, complete with a ventilation system, to hold his victims in. Marc, along with his wife Michele, was arrested in 1989 for the abduction and rape of five girls and young women. After serving only three years, the couple was released. Marc’s evil desires only grew and by 1995, Marc had four young victims held prisoners in his home. Within a year, Marc had murdered at least five people, including another accomplice, whom he tortured for six days before burying him alive. Listen to this graphic and shocking episode to learn why Marc is deemed “The Monster of Belgium.”

Todd Garton

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The Company

In 1990, Todd and Carole Garton were married but Todd was still hung up on his high school sweetheart, Lynn. Todd and Lynn together plotted to murder Lynn’s husband Dean, and they spent years making a plan. Todd even involved a few of his friends in the scheme. However, the plan soon takes a wild turn and Todd recruited his friend Norm Daniels to become a paid assassin for a secret organization called “The Company”. The target of the assassination plot wasn’t Lynn’s husband, Dean, however—it was someone that was truly an innocent victim in this case. Listen to our latest Member’s Only episode to hear more.

Mark Schwab

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EP73: The Boy From the Newspaper

In March 1991, 11-year-old Junny Rios-Martinez won a kite-flying contest. Due to this award, Junny’s photo appeared in a local paper called Florida Today. Junny and his family had no idea that this public recognition would lead to an elaborate scheme to kidnap and kill him. Listen to this week’s episode to find out more.

leslie van houten

Exclusive EpisodesGruesome Scale: High

Leslie Van Houten: Redemption Denied

Leslie Van Houten was 19-years-old when she participated in the horrific double murders of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. How did this two-year-in-a-row Homecoming Queen with a college education become involved with Charles Manson and his “Family” of cold-blooded killers? Listen as we detail her life, before, during, and after the 1969 murders.

Rachel Timmerman

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EP72: The Bodies in the Lake

In 1996, Rachel Timmerman filed rape charges against a monster named Marvin Gabrion. As the trial approached, witnesses came up missing. Then Rachel disappeared along with her baby after going out on a date. She had no idea that the date was part of an elaborate murder plot by a serial killer. Three letters, written in Rachel’s own handwriting, were mailed to her father and the prosecutor shortly following her disappearance. Then, a month later, Rachel’s dead body was found and details revealed she died a horrific and terrifying death. What did the letters say? What happened to Rachel Timmerman and the four other victims of serial killer Marvin Gabrion?

John Wille

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Something Bad is Going to Happen

In June 1985, John Wille and Judy Walters were driving to Louisiana, where John grew up, from their home in Milton, Florida. They were accompanied by Judy’s 14-year-old daughter, Sheila. At first, this road trip was uneventful, however, once they picked up an acquaintance of John’s named Billy, the trip descended into Hell. The trio went on to kidnap 8-year-old Nicole Lopatta (with the help of Sheila) and commit heinous and unspeakably brutal crimes. Listen to our latest Members Only episodes for one of the saddest and most horrific stories we’ve ever done.

Herb Coddington

Public EpisodesSerial Killers

EP71: Teen Models & Murder

On Saturday May 16, 1987, 14-year-old Alecia and 12-year old Monica were on their way to shoot an anti-drug video in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. They were teen models who were hired through Showcase Models by a photographer. The video shoot was supposed to only last for one day, however, Alecia and Monica had a terrifying weekend they would never forget. The man who had hired them for the video said his name was Mark—but he was actually serial killer Herb Coddington. Listen to this week’s true crime episode to find out more.

Andrew Chabrol

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The Sexual Harassment Complaint

In 1991, 27-year-old Melissa Harrington was a boatswain stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. Unbeknownst to her, she was being stalked by someone for six months. While getting in her car, she was kidnapped by someone whom she thought she didn’t know….

Jenna Van Gelderen

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EP70: The Sinister Secrets in Atlanta

In 2017, 25-year-old Jenna Van Gelderen disappeared while house-sitting at her parent’s home. Her car was found two weeks later abandoned on the side of the road in Atlanta, Georgia. During that year, Jenna started hanging around a new group of friends, some with sketchy pasts. Many of them have given false information to authorities or simply refused to talk. What are they hiding?

Socorro Caro

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The Deadly Margaritas

Soccoro and Xavier Caro were having marital problems but counseling seemed to help. However, one night after a lot of margaritas, they got into a fight and he left. When he returned, his whole world was turned upside down.

Kim Kopatz

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EP69: Day Trading, Daddy & Death

On April 22, 1999, the bodies of Mary Kopatz, and her 3-year-old daughter, Carley were found in the Kopatz’s family van, parked in a parking lot about a mile from their home. The crime scene inside the van seemed to have been staged to make it look like a robbery had occurred. Kim Kopatz, Mary’s husband and Carley’s father, reported Mary and Carley missing after Mary failed to show up to work. Listen to this week’s episode to find out what happened to Mary and Carley and who was responsible for their deaths–the motive will make you sick.

Barbara Phillips

Exclusive EpisodesGruesome Scale: High

Two TVs and a VCR

When a former roommate steals two televisions and a VCR, Barabara Phillips and Lester Wilson just snapped. The couple, along with some friends, spent an entire day torturing the thief and tormenting his family. This episode is gruesome.

Enrique Camarena

Gruesome Scale: HighPublic Episodes

EP68: Death of a DEA Agent in Mexico

In 1984, the Guadalajara drug cartel was after American blood. The DEA along with Mexican police had destroyed one of their largest marijuana plantations. In revenge for the bust, they kidnapped, raped, and tortured four American Jehovah Witnesses who inadvertently knocked on their door. A month later, the cartel kingpins tortured and murdered two American tourists who walked into the seafood restaurant where they were dining. But it was when they kidnapped, tortured, and murdered DEA Agent Enrique Camarena, that their murderous rampage finally came to an end.

Woodshop Classroom Murder

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Murder in the Woodshop Classroom

In May 1997, in Rio Linda, California, Michelle Montoya was staying after school to meet with her English teacher for help on a research paper she was working on. Michelle was a high school senior, had just turned 18 years old, and had her entire life in front of her. However, her life was cut short by someone who, had the school district had background checks in place, wouldn’t even have been in the school in the first place. Listen to this member’s only episode to find out what happened to Michelle in the last moments of her life.

Robert Maury

Public EpisodesSerial Killers

EP67: The Secret Witness

The “Secret Witness” hotline was established in Shasta County, CA to take anonymous tips about crimes that occurred in the county. On the evening of June 19, 1985, a tip came in concerning a missing person, Averill Weeden. Averill disappeared on May 23, 1985, and the caller said he knew where Averill’s body was and wanted to know how much money he could get in exchange for this information. Listen to this week’s episode to find out more about what the Secret Witness knew and his connection to Averill’s disappearance—as well as other crimes.

hi-fi shop murders

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The Hi-Fi Shop Murders

In 1974, the emergency room staff at St. Benedict’s Hospital in Ogden, Utah, had a middle-aged woman and a teen boy brought in to them with shocking injuries no one there had ever seen before. The two had been found clinging to life at the Hi-Fi Shop, a store that sold records and audio equipment. These two survived long enough to make it to the hospital, but others at the shop weren’t so lucky.

william henry hance

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EP66: Forces of Evil/The Stocking Strangler

The media in Columbus, Georgia gave the name “The Stocking Strangler” to a serial killer in the area that preyed on elderly white women in 1978. In April of that year, a local newspaper and the police began receiving letters from an alleged vigilante group calling themselves “The Forces of Evil.” This group warned that if the Stocking Strangler didn’t stop killing caucasian “grannies” the Forces of Evil would begin killing African-American women. Within a few days, the brutal body of their first victim was discovered.

Nicholas Markowitz

True Crime Stories

The Murder of Nicholas Markowitz

In 2000, Jesse James Hollywood and some friends kidnapped Nicholas Markowitz in retaliation for Nicholas’ brother Ben’s drug debt to Jesse. For days Nicholas was led to believe he would be released. He drank alcohol, smoked weed and went swimming with his captors, having no idea they had already dug his grave.

William Dennis

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EP65: The Man in the Wolf Mask

On Halloween night 1984, Doreen Erbert was very pregnant. She and her second husband, Charles were going to welcome a baby boy in about a month. Doreen and Charles were ecstatic at the prospect of being parents again, especially after they suffered pregnancy loss in the years prior. Doreen had also suffered the loss of her first child with her first husband in a terrible accident. After trick-or-treating with their 4-year-old daughter, Charles told Doreen he was going to run an errand and returned home after only 15 minutes. When Charles came home, he knew something was very wrong. The front door was ajar, and when Charles went further into the house, he found a scene straight out of a horror movie. Listen to this week’s episode to find out more.

Father Francis Craven

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Father Francis Craven’s Secret Journal

In 1989 Father Francis Craven was found bound and burned in the woods of Alabama. After nine months, a man was arrested for the crime, but released when he presented an air-tight alibi. Eventually, a member of his parish was arrested and convicted of the crime. But in 1994, his conviction was overturned as a result of Father Craven’s secret journal not being allowed into evidence. What did the journal say?

Douglas Clark Sunset Strip Killer

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The Sunset Strip Killer

Like most of you, serial killers fascinate us, and today’s Member’s Only episode is about a couple of these creepers. Sunset Boulevard (aka The Sunset Strip) in Los Angeles is the street that connects downtown LA to Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the Pacific Coast Highway and it was famous in the 80s for the budding rock scene (Talia’s favorite Band, Motley Crue, got their start on The Strip!) However, also in the early ’80s, The Strip had a seedy side that was frequented by sex workers and those who hunt them. Listen to this episode to hear about The Sunset Strip Killers.

Gypsy Hill Murders

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EP64: The Gypsy Hill Murders

In 1976, young women with long hair parted in the middle were turning up dead in San Francisco. Most of the women were found near Gypsy Hill Road and the media nicknamed this string of deaths as “The Gypsy Hill Murders.” During the six-month killing spree, another young woman named Michelle Mitchell was brutally slaughtered. Although she was killed in Reno, Nevada, police believed the Gypsy Hill Killer was also responsible for her death. It would take 35 years for all these murders to be solved and sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

Coral Eugene Watts

Gruesome Scale: HighPublic EpisodesSerial Killers

EP63: Coral Watts -The Sunday Morning Slasher

In the 1970’s there was someone lurking, stalking and attacking women in the Metro Detroit area. The viciousness and brutality increased with each attack until women were ending up dead in truly grotesque ways. The attacks in Michigan ended in 1981 because the killer, later determined to be Coral Watts, decided the heat was getting too hot and moved to Texas to continue his killing spree. By the time he was caught, Coral Watts ended up admitting to over 100 murders. Listen to this week’s episode to learn about Carl Eugene “Coral” Watts, one of the most prolific serial killers in American history.

Douglas Belt

Exclusive EpisodesSerial Killers

Finding John Doe

43-year-old Lucille Gallegos was a housekeeper at a Wichita apartment complex. In July of 2002, her headless body was found mutilated and burned in an empty apartment unit of the complex she worked at. When police eventually caught up to her killer, they were shocked to find out to learn he had slipped through their fingers only years earlier for other unsolved crimes.

Dewitt Crawley

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EP62: Don’t Go in the Basement!

A week before Christmas in 1983, Kathy Smith went shopping for gifts for her three children.  Later that evening, when she returned home in Philadelphia, she noticed the lights weren’t working throughout most of the house.  She called her mother, who lived next door, and she came over with a flashlight.  Together, they went to the basement to see if a fuse was blown.  That’s when their nightmare began.

Castleberry High Podcast

True Crime Stories

The Castleberry Highschool Killer

In Texas, someone was calling up cheerleaders from Castleberry High at their house when they were alone. A few minutes later, he would show up and rape them. Eventually, the rapist escalated his violence and murdered his final victim, Retha Stratton. Imagine the town’s surprise when they find out the killer was the captain of their football team, Weslie Wayne Miller.

Derrick Todd Lee

Exclusive EpisodesSerial Killers

The Baton Rouge Serial Killer

In the early 2000s, police discovered was a serial killer on the loose near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. At least five women had fallen victim to this vicious predator, and despite having the killer’s DNA, the police were not able to match the DNA to any known offender. It was only through the work of a very diligent cold case task force, that the murderer was finally found after being linked to the beating death of a woman in 1992. Listen to our latest Members/Online Only episode to hear more about the man who terrorized women in and around Baton Rouge for over a decade.

Aldofo Constanzo

Public EpisodesSerial Killers

EP61:The Narco-Satanists

Mark Kilroy and his friends decided to go on Spring Break 1989 to South Padre Island in Texas. In the midst of their partying, Mark and his friends decided to cross the American/Mexican border one night to check out the nightlife in Matamoros, Mexico. Little did they know but Metamoros was holding a secret—people were disappearing at an alarming rate. On the night of March 14, 1989, Mark’s friends lost him in the excitement of the night and reported him missing. When police finally uncovered what actually happened to Mark, it was a story that was unbelievable—one that black magic and the practices of Palo Mayombe at its core. Listen to this week’s episode to find out what happened to Mark during the last hours of his life.

Brittany Killgore Podcast

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EP60: Brittany Killgore’s BDSM Nightmare

Brittany Killgore was a beautiful 22-year-old woman married to Marine Cory Killgore. Originally from Pennsylvania, she moved to Fallbrook, California, near the Camp Pendleton base. While there, Cory got sent to Afghanistan and their marriage fell apart. In 2012, she filed for divorce and started packing to move back east. Before she left, she really wanted to go on a dinner cruise called the Hornblower that her best friend Liz told her about.
Brittany knew Louis Perez, his girlfriend Dorothy Maraglino and her best friend Jessica Lopez, through Liz. Louis, Dorothy and Jessica were into the BDSM lifestyle. Together, they shared a dark fantasy of kidnap, rape, torture and murder. On April 14, 2012, they decided to act out this fantasy. They tricked Brittany into believing she was going on the dinner cruise with Louis, but it didn’t take long for Brittany to realize something was very wrong. Ten minutes after being picked up by Louis to go on the dinner cruise, she texted a friend “Help.” That was the last anyone ever heard from her.

Hajek and Vo

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Teaching Ellen a Lesson

16-year-old Ellen used to have a friend named Lori, but they had a falling out. Lori had a boyfriend, but also two friends with major crushes on her: 18-year-old Stephen Hajek and 18-year-old Loi Vo. One day, while Stephen was with Lori, Ellen walked by and called Lori a bitch. A few days later, Stephen and Loi decided to teach Ellen and her family a lesson. What happened to the Wang family? Listen to this episode of Crimes & Consequences and decide for yourself.

caffey massacre

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EP59: The Caffey Family Massacre

In the early morning hours of March 1, 2008, a call came into the local sheriff’s department that there had been a shooting at the Caffey family home in Alba, Texas. The deputy that responded to the call, when driving out to the area to investigate also found the Caffey home ablaze. Where were the family members—dad Terry, mom, Penny, and kids Erin, Matthew and Tyler? Who set the fire? Listen to this week’s episode to find out the answers to all of these questions and more.

Paul HOuse

Exclusive EpisodesWrongful Convictions

Who Killed Carolyn Muncey?

Around 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 14, 1985, two locals from a rural town in Union County, Tennessee, stumbled upon the dead body of a woman. She was concealed by brush and tree branches at the bottom of an embankment. She was found clothed in her nightgown, robe, bra and underwear. Later, the woman was identified as 29-year-old Carolyn Muncey, who had been missing from her home since the night before. Evidence pointed to a man named Paul House, who was eventually convicted of the crime and sentenced to death. However, 22 years later, DNA evidence was examined which led to Paul’s exoneration and pointed to two other men. So who killed Carolyn Muncey? Listen to this episode and decide for yourself.

Cleophus Prince Jr.

Public EpisodesSerial Killers

EP58: An American Serial Killer

The women of San Diego, California were near hysteria in 1990. Headlines in the news read “Eerie Serial Killings Have San Diego Women on the Edge.” A monster was breaking into the apartment of young women during the day and murdering them. Six women were killed within one year, and dozens of others were burglarized. In addition, a handful of women barely escaped the clutches of this serial killer. A profile was developed by the FBI who determined the assailant was a “signature killer” who was also a piquerest. Unbeknownst to the police, they had spoken with the murderer on multiple occasions, but he didn’t fit the profile, so they never pursued him as a viable suspect. Find out more in this episode!

Juli Busken

Exclusive Episodes

The Brutal Ballerina Murder

In 1996, Juli Busken was an aspiring ballerina who had just graduated from college. On December 13, Juli’s friend Ryan showed up at Juli’s apartment to pick her up for a lunch date that they had arranged the day before. When he got there both Juli and her car were missing. He came back hours later, and she was still gone. Concerned, he filed a Missing Persons report. Unfortunately, Juli wouldn’t be missing for very long. Find out what happened to Juli in this Crimes & Consequences episode.

The Lafferty Brothers

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EP57: The Lafferty Brother’s Removal Revelation

On Pioneer Day in 1984, in Utah, the Lafferty Brothers, Ron and Dan, decided it was time for their “Removal Revelation” to be carried out. Ron had been excommunicated from the Church of Ladder-Day Saints (LDS) the year earlier, and since then, he and Dan believed Ron received orders from God to “remove” four people—two members of the LDS church as well as one of their younger brothers’ wife and baby daughter. Listen to this episode to find out if the Removal Revelation was carried out.

Neveah Buchanan

True Crime Stories

Nevaeh Buchanan’s Unsolved Murder

In 2009, five-year-old Nevaeh Buchanan disappeared while riding her scooter in her apartment complex in Monroe, Michigan. 10 days later her body was found encased in cement near a river. Who killed Neveah and why? Learn more by reading Crimes & Consequences blog on the case.

Pam Fielder

Exclusive Episodes

The Cave

In 1981, Pam Fielder shot her husband to death in their living room. Dr. Darwin Fielder was a respected member of the Forth Worth, TX high society and his murder sent shockwaves through the community. However, his actual murder ended up being the least shocking thing about the case – Pam told stories of extreme BDSM and mental abuse at the hands of Darwin. Pam claimed she murdered him in self-defense. However, Darwin was killed immediately after Pam found out he had a lover on the side. Listen to this Members Only episode to find out Pam’s tale of abuse and what happened next.

David Allen Lucas

Public EpisodesSerial KillersWrongful Convictions

EP56: The San Diego Throat Slasher

From May 1979 to November 1984, there were six unsolved throat-slashing killings in the San Diego area. The police arrested a man and while he was in jail awaiting his trial, the throat slasher struck again. However, this victim, who was left for dead on the side of the road, survived her injuries and was able to help authorities capture the real killer and end his throat-slashing spree.

Christa Pike

Exclusive Episodes

Christa Pike’s Pentagrams

Christa Pike was a troubled 18-year-old who was a student at Job Corps who dabbled in Satanism. She believed that Colleen Slemmer was after her boyfriend, Tadaryl Shipp. Christa, along with Tadaryl and another friend convinced Colleen to go for a walk with them. It didn’t take long for Colleen to realize she was being set up. However, after a brutal hour-long attack, Christa Pike got her revenge.

Morris Frampton

True Crime Stories

Serial Killer Morris Frampton

Morris Frampton Serial Killer Morris Frampton  On August 9, 1977, at 7:45 am the Major Crimes Unit of the King County Police Department received a… Continue Reading…

Andrew Urdiales

Online Only EpisodesPublic EpisodesSerial Killers

EP55: Dumped In The Desert

In September 1992, Jennifer was running late to her job. She missed the bus and didn’t have her own transportation. In her moment of desperation, she accepted a ride from a stranger. However, this stranger ended up dropping her off at her job with very little incident. Jennifer thought he was a little weird and gave him a fake number when he asked. The following day when he showed up at her job she again got in his car. That was when things went haywire. The man was Andrew Urdiales, who ended up being convicted of 8 murders in California and Illinois, with Jennifer encountering him right in the middle of his killing spree. Did Jennifer live to tell the world her story? Listen to this week’s episode to find out and to hear more about Andrew’s despicable crimes.

Keith Nelson

True Crime Stories

Killer Keith Nelson

In 1999, 25-year-old Keith Butler had a need to kill. He attempted to kidnap a medical student but she managed to escape. A week later, he kidnapped 10-year-old Pamela Butler while she was rollerblading home from the store. Pamela was kidnapped, tortured, raped, and murdered. Keith never expressed any remorse and was executed in 2020. Read about his bizarre behaviors in this true crime post.