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Angie Housman

The Solved Cold Case of Angie Housman

Angie HousmanAngie’s Disappearance

In 1993, Angie Housman was a friendly and outgoing 4th grader. She attended Buder Elementary School in St. Ann, Missouri. On November 18 of that year, Angie rode the bus home from school like she always did. She got off the bus eight houses away from her home. It was a five-minute walk. Angie made it past four of the houses, then disappeared.
Normally, two parents would supervise the kids on their way home from school. But on this day, as fate would have it each of the parents was busy. One was taking care of her sick parents and the other wanted to finish cleaning her house.

After roughly 30 minutes, Angie’s mom Diane and her step-father Ron, became worried when Angie hadn’t arrived home.  Angie was friendly and often chatted with other kids along her walk, but never for this long. 

Angie Housman’s Body Is Found

On November 27, nine days after Angie Housman’s disappearance, two deer hunters stumbled upon her body.  She was tied to a tree about 30 feet from a road in Busch Wildlife Conservation Area.  She was naked, tied to a tree.  In addition, Angie’s wrists were handcuffed. She had duct tape covering all of her face, except her nose.  Underneath the duct tape over her mouth was a piece of her barbie underwear. It had been cut and the part was placed in a Dollar General Store bag next to her body.  The rest of her clothes were in that bag too.  A few feet away from her lay her winter coat. 

The Autopsy on Angie

The medical examiner determined that Angie Housman had died only hours before the hunters found her remains.  Her cause of death was hypothermia.  Frost had formed on her body.  In addition, she had been beaten, tortured, violently raped, starved, and denied water.  One of her tendons on her wrist had been severed and there was a deep cut on her thigh.  Angie had suffered had been held for at least eight days by her captor.  Oddly, her hair was cut and colored. 

On the duct tape around her mouth, investigators retrieved a single fingerprint. However, they were unable to match it to anyone.  During their investigation, Angie’s teacher came forward with some startling information.  The day before Angie disappeared, she told this teacher that her uncle was going to take her to visit the countryside.  There was no uncle. 

Another Young Girl Disappears

Angie Housman Crime Scene

Four days after Angie’s body was found, another young girl in the area disappeared.  Her name was Cassity Senter.  She lived in Hazelwood, Missouri, about 10 minutes from St. Ann.  Cassity went to her neighbor, Cassandra Quinn’s house to see if she wanted to play.  Then she disappeared into thin air.  Nine days later her decomposing body was found in an alley.  It was wrapped in two comforters and a curtain.  The jacket and sweater she had been wearing were pulled above her chest.  She had been beaten to death.  

In February of 2004, Cassandra Quinn’s uncle, Thomas Brooks, was arrested for Cassity Quinn’s murder.  He was not linked to the death of Angie Housman.

Through the years, Angie’s case went cold. In 1994, child molester John Wayne Parsons, confessed to killing Angie.  He lived in Florida and investigators discovered a plethora of newspaper clippings of Angie Housman’s murder in his home.  However, evidence cleared him of the crime.

Then in 1996, Bryant Squires made a death bed confession.  He claimed that he and Danny Nathanial Williams murdered Angie.  He also claimed to be involved in several other unsolved murders.  However, there were cracks in Bryant Squires story.  Danny Williams was in prison during Angie’s abduction and murder.  Over 25 years, the police cleared 500 men of the murder. 

Reworking Angie Housman’s Murder

In 2018, Angie’s case was re-opened.  DNA from her Barbie underwear was tested and ran through CODIS.  In March of 2019, they got a hit.  It matched convicted pedophile, Earl Cox.

Earl Webster Cox

Earl Cox

Earl Webster Cox was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.  He joined the Air Force in 1975 where he worked on computers.  He was stationed in Frankfurt, Germany but was dishonorably discharged.  While In Frankfurt, he molested four young girls he babysat.  As a result, he was returned to the states, and given an eight-year sentence.  Earl Cox was paroled after five years.  After his release, he moved back to St. Louis.  In 1989 he was accused of molesting two girls he had taken to the movies.  However, Earl wasn’t charged for that.  Then again, in 1991, he was accused of molesting another child.  This time, he was arrested but later released.

After his release, Earl Cox moved to Colorado.  While there he developed the Shadowz Brotherhood.  The Shadowz Brotherhood was a child porn network.  Next, Earl created a chatroom called “The Panty Raiders/Lolita Lovers.”  They used a reward system.  The more child porn images you shared, the more access you got to their website. 

In 1997, the FBI posed as a 14-year-old girl named Brenda.  “Brenda” claimed to be from Virginia.  While in the chatroom under the user name “Youngstuff” Earl began chatting with Brenda.  He told Brenda he wanted to fuck her, spank her, and use her as a sex slave.  He sent Brenda $60 for a bus ticket to Colorado.  He requested she wear a short skirt, red tube top, no bra, and no panties.  The FBI arrested Earl Cox at a restaurant as he waited for “Brenda” to arrive.  After the FBI confiscated Earl’s computer, they discovered 45,000 child porn images.  In addition, they found information on a “Teddy Bear Picnic” that was to take place on a farm in Missouri. The picnic was for members of the Shadowz Brotherhood.  60 men from 11 different countries were arrested in the FBI’s sting operation.

Earl Webster Cox was sentenced to 10 years in prison.  Prior to his release, he was deemed to be a “sexually dangerous person” and was civilly committed.

Earl Cox Confesses to Angie Housman’s Murder

In order to avoid the death penalty, Earl pled guilty to Angie’s murder and made a full confession.  However, 27 years had passed.  In addition, Earl cox had suffered two strokes.  As a result, Earl’s memory had somewhat faded.

What Happened to Angie Housman?

According to Earl, he had been driving near Angie’s house on the day of the kidnapping.  His sister lived three houses down from Buder School.  His car was acting funny, so he pulled over to see what was wrong with it.  Then he spotted the school bus.  Next, he spotted Angie Housman.  He asked Angie if she was hungry.  Being that she was cold and hungry, she got in the car.  Earl then drove her to Burger King and got some food.  He then spent hours driving around with Angie.  Eventually, he drove her to the trailer he shared with his girlfriend.  His girlfriend worked odd hours and was prohibited from ever going in the trailer’s back bedroom.  According to Earl, he manipulated Angie Housman into cooperating with him.  He doesn’t remember how long he kept her.  After probably eight days, he drove Angie the five miles from his house to Busch Wildlife Conservation Area.  There he tied her to a tree and left her to die.

In August of 2020, Earl Webster Cox was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Angie Housman.

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