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Killer Andrew Fiacco

EP15: Nancy's Grave

andrew fiaccoOn March 10, 2016, teen Stephen McAfee, went missing from his home. He seemingly vanished into thin air leaving no clues behind. His family and friends did everything they could to find him. Unfortunately, Stephen’s case grew cold. Then,  13 months after his disappearance, Eevette MacDonald revealed a secret.  She described a chilling tale of murder and betrayal.  Stephen was dead. Shockingly, his best friend Andrew Fiacco, murdered him.  But that’s not the end of this story…


Andrew Fiacco & Stephen McAfee

Best friends Andrew and Stephen did everything together.  After meeting in special education classes in elementary school, they were inseparable.  Both young men had special needs.  Andrew lived with high functioning autism while Stephen had emotional issues.  Together the two had a lot of fun and got into a lot of mischiefs.

Stephen McAfee’s Disappearance

On March 13, 2016, Stephen disappeared.  His family did everything in their power to find him.  They put out thousands of missing person fliers.  In addition, they created a reward for any information leading to Stephen’s whereabouts.  However, despite all their efforts, no one could find Stephen.  Then, a year later, a tip came in.

Andrew Fiacco & Eevette MacDonald

Eevette MacDonald, Andrew’s ex-girlfriend, told her friend she had a secret.  She knew where Stephen was at.  In addition, she revealed that she had helped Andrew bury him.  When police found Stephen he wasn’t in one spot, but parts of his body were in different locations.  Find out the tragic truth of what happened between two best friends, Stephen McAfee and Andrew Fiacco.

Andrew Fiacco

Andrew's lastest Prison Information

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