EP17: SEATTLE’S PIQUERIST – TNT Crimes & Consequences

EP17: Seattle's

Piquerism (from the French piquer – “to prick”) is a sexual interest in penetrating the skin of another person with sharp objects (such as pins, razors, knives, etc.). Sometimes, this is serious enough to cause extreme injuries or even death. Piquerism is a paraphilia as well as a form of sadism. Learn more about Piquerism

Saturday morning, June 23, 1990 at 7:30 am a McDonalds’ worker stepped outside to sweep up the back parking lot in Bellevue, Washington. The area is a busy area and McDonalds is next door to and shares the same dumpster as the nightclub Black Angus. Something caught this worker’s eye near the dumpster. In that open area, completely exposed, lay a caucasian female on her back nude, clearly dead. She had been posed with her left foot crossed over her right ankle, her head was turned to the left and the clear circular top of a Frito Lay dip container was strategically placed over her right eye. Her arms were bent at the elbow and her hands were on her stomach, touching each other, as if she were in a coffin. Inside one of her hands, was a pine cone. The only items on her body were a gold choker chain and a gold watch. A pile of debris was beside her along with two brooms that were leaning against the fence surrounding the dumpster perimeter. Several blood stains were found on the pavement in front of the dumpster, along with specks of bright pink nail polish that appeared to be scraped off the victim as her body was dragged approximately 20 feet to its final resting spot. From the evidence at the scene, it appears that the perpetrator originally planned to place her body in the dumpster, but changed his mind and posed her instead.

An autopsy showed the following: the victim had suffered severe blows to her right eye, nose, mouth and head. Her skull was deeply fractured. She had a lot of defensive wounds and put up a significant fight. Her liver was was lacerated as a result of a severe kick to the abdomen. She had been strangled with her own choker and had scratches on her neck, most likely from her own finger nails. Her skull was broken so her face was a bit “off center.” The killer wasn’t finished with her after she died. In fact, that’s when he really spent some time with her. Post mortem, the victim was kicked and beaten in her arms, breasts, hips, knees and feet. The medical examiner determined she had been killed elsewhere, sometime between 2:30 am and 5:20 am. There was no food in her stomach and her blood alcohol level was .14. Sperm was found inside her and she had been raped with an object that caused serious cuts both anally and vaginally, after death. Whoever killed her probably had some bruises and cuts on him and undoubtedly was covered with her blood. Traces of dirt and foliage were on her body investigators know that she was likely killed elsewhere. Because of the posing of the body, the overkill and the severe sexually violence, the police didn’t believe this was a date-rape gone wrong; this appeared to be the work of a sadistic killer.

     While the investigation into the unknown victim’s murder was going on, a young woman named Theresa arrived home to her apartment after being out camping with her boyfriend for the weekend. She noticed immediately that her roommate’s alarm clock was going off. In addition, the cats hadn’t been fed.

Theresa’s roommate was 27 year old Mary Ann, a computer science major at the local community college. Mary Ann worked as a telemarketer and was considered reliable and dependable. She liked to go to the local clubs where she drink and smoke. According to Theresa, Mary Ann didn’t have sex very often or have a boyfriend. In fact, she always wore a button on her lapel that said “I can read your mind. NO!”

     Theresa had last seen Mary Ann on Friday morning and Mary Ann had told her she might go to Papagayo’s Cantina, a popular singles bar about one  mile from where the body was found at the McDonald’s/Black Angus parking lot. Thersa didn’t want to alarm Mary Ann’s parents because they were deeply religious and didn’t know that Mary Ann liked to party.   Every Sunday, Mary Ann usually drove home to go to church with her parents so Theresa thought maybe Mary Ann was just staying with her family. When Teresa hadn’t seen or heard from her by Tuesday, she decided it was time to call Mary Ann’s parents and see if they knew where Mary Ann could be.  Mary Ann never showed up for church so a missing persons report was filed. Theresa then drove over to Papagyo’s Cantina and notice Mary Ann’s black Camero in the parking lot. Theresa called the police immediately.  


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